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Book Review – The Cat Who Saved Books

This is the first book I read in 2022 and yes, I absolutely recommend it. This is a beautiful piece of literary fiction. Natsukawa weaves a novel on the cusp of reality and fantasy. Cats and books and tea all blend together to create a witty coming-of-age story. I love novels that showcase a world where fantasy should not exist, and yet it does. Because though unicorns may not exist, or talking cats for that matter, I think overcoming the challenges of life are nothing short of extraordinary. 

Crimson Daisy

“Crimson Daisy, Does she love me?” A bomb explodes above. She loves me not. A petal slowly falls. Yet, the sun is out Shining brightly – She loves me! I pluck a petal out. My eyes are getting cloudy – Metal drops are raining down. She loves me not. I rip a petal off. “CrimsonContinue reading “Crimson Daisy”

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