Writing Prompts

  1. I’m not the only kid who grew up this way… 
  2. “If walls could talk”/“If people could listen”
  3. And the table was as mad as a Hatter…
  4. Write a story around 1 impossible thing.
  5. And legend has it…
  6. My name is bird because that is what he named me… 
  7. What do stars think about?
  8. I hate that ____ is good for me.
  9. I love that ____ is good for me. 
  10. ______ is its own food group.
  11. Sometimes, happy endings aren’t the endings you want, but the endings you deserve. 
  12. Please listen to my story….
  13. The mountain swallowed me whole.
  14. A dream a day keeps ______ away.
  15. As night became day, he/she/they started to understand the truth.
  16. Sleep like a child who still believed in chasing rainbows.
  17. Last year was the year I learned to release control.
  18. He/She/They is a good pretender.
  19. I live in a box of paints.

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