What Do Stars Think About?

            “What do stars think about?” the young girl whispered to her friend. She wasn’t sure if he was just a friend or maybe a lover? She was at that age where feeling was more complicated than she thought it should be ~ it used to be simple. But I guess that is what her father meant when he told her to, “Slow down. Enjoy being a kid.” 

            “I don’t know,” he whispered. “I guess I don’t think they think at all.”

            “Well, I bet they think about how from ashes is born beauty. I bet they think about love and I bet they don’t have a difficult time with emotions.” There was a gentle pause; if time was physical it would have been a breeze. “I hope when I die, I come back as a star.” The girl finished. 

            “Please, don’t say that. You are going to get through this.” Her friend or would be lover draped his arms around her bony shoulders ~ they didn’t used to be this thin. 

            Then all was quiet. They both knew his words were not true. But sometimes lies were more comforting. And then all they were left with were the stars. 

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